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Meg has crafted custom content for a varied group of travel-related clients – from a whole original magazine for a an aviation company to a digital magazine for a popular online travel agencies, plus various lifestyle websites and mobile apps. Meg enjoys writing about her passion points luxury travel,  hotels and adventure and sharing her personal experiences with others.

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Goodspeed Magazine – Complete Creation of New Magazine Product,

including launch materials, entire editorial and advertising sales.


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Wine Writing / Custom Content                   All Website Copy and Strategic Content

Destination Content  Tablet Hotels Magazine

 TuscanyIndagare Itineraries and Hotel Reviews

Content for Hotel Websites

Hotels are other special content clients of Meg’s, hiring her to write (or oftentimes, re-write) their website content. Meg has worked most often with foreign hotels who require either total transcription to English or a smoothing over of rougher language. Meg enjoys applying her foreign language degrees (Italian, Spanish, Dutch and French) towards her passion point of hotels and travel.

Dylan Hotel, Amsterdam

Luxury Hotel Client Visit Hotel Website »


Content for Brand collateral

Meg has written copy for various branding materials for luxury lifestyle and hospitality companies.

fWIgvQAi  Marketing  CollateralTradewind Aviation

 UnknownBranding Collateral  Resort Rebranding


Travel and Hotel Content  Plum TV Mobile App


Hotel Reviews Leading Hotels of the World Book






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"We hired Meg for her
expertise in the travel and entertainment sector for our Canyons Resort account. Meg played an integral part in translating the brand positioning into a unique creative big idea campaign.
She set an authentic tone and language for the brand.
Meg’s industry knowledge has been invaluable throughout
the project and a fun person to hang out on a mountain"

— Paul Newman, CO-OP

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