Celebratory Travel & Bespoke Itineraries

Friend of a Friend Consulting is a luxury travel agency offering custom trip design and bespoke itineraries for today’s discerning client. Included in the luxury travel booking services is an initial consultation where clients speak directly with Meg in a one-on-one setting to ensure your trip is customized just as you like it.

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Branding & Sales

Meg Nolan Hotel Consulting specializes in small luxury hotels and focuses on the development, preservation and sustainability of distinctive properties around the world. As a hotel consultant and strategic advisor, Meg partners with individual properties to help the business managers achieve  their objectives.

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Original Magazines, Websites & Apps

As a travel writer with a decade of writing experience that includes books, apps, magazines, articles, web and branding collateral, Meg is equipped to handle your next custom content project. Meg has the background and knowledge luxury travel and hotel industry clients require.

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with MEG

Covering Travel Destinations and Tips

Where Next With Meg launched into the blogosphere in 2008 with the notion that the persistent topic of conversation in travel circles, and at cocktail parties too, is where to go next. Meg seeks to answer that question among other travel topics on her travel blog.

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WHERE NEXT with MEG: Who, What, Where, When? Posted June 4, 2020
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