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The Discovering Enchanting Hideaways Series

Comprised of thirty exceptional properties set in tucked-away locations and chosen for their inspiring decor, each Hideaways book showcases the most enviable places to stay for those looking for something off-the-beaten path in Italy, the Caribbean and England.

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Travel Writing

Travel Writing and Hotel Reviews

Writing for over a decade, Meg (writer profile HERE) enjoys sharing her discoveries and observations with readers. She is a stickler about offering first-person sensorial descriptions: those that touch upon as many of the five senses as possible. 

Meg has crafted custom content for a varied group of travel-related clients – from a print magazine for an aviation company to a digital magazine for a popular online travel agency, plus various lifestyle websites and mobile apps.

Goodspeed Magazine for Tradewind Aviation

Content for Brands

Meg has written copy for various branding materials for luxury lifestyle and hospitality companies.

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